Date #3 – He’s Married!

Third date with the married man tonight. We haven’t slept together, not even sure we ever will, but I do like his company; he makes me smile.

I find him interesting. He says he is bisexual and maybe he truly is, I guess some people must be, but I get the impression he likes cock more.

Anyway, to the date. We went to Yard bar in Soho. The Yard is a cool bar, it has a cute court yard and in the week, a cool date night place; weekends are something different, less date more party. He arrived 30 minutes late, I’m used to waiting for people, I am always early. It was snowing, yes snowing in London. We had discussed cancelling as we all know that snow in the UK means everything grinds to a halt.

I drank probably too much for a work night, a few beers and a couple of double whiskey and ginger ales, groggy the next day. We chatted shit, usual date stuff, but it’s so easy with him. The problem we have is our mutual friend, who introduced us, if he sees us he won’t be happy, in fact married man is worried that he will disclose the relationship (yeah a called it that) to his wife – shiiiit that could turn nasty! At one point his Facebook flashed up with an alert that his friend was in the area (I didn’t even know that was possible). The plan was to say we had been in contact and were just meeting for a drink.

Last week we had discussed that maybe he might stay at mine, this didn’t happen.I wake up too early which puts him off, so I had to put up with a lot of kissing. it’s weird how much I feel like a teenager when I am with him. we have agreed that he will stay with me on Monday after I have finished at the cinema watching La La Land with people from work, looking forward to it already; I feel very comfortable in his arms at night. he says it’s because we are the same temperature or something scientific, I go for the more romantic thought of it feeling right etc.

Anyway, a nice night


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