It’s like a soap opera!!

Okay so I wasn’t going to mention these guys to try and avoid being judged too badly, but this is quite an amusing story!

I have been hanging out with a guy since way before Christmas, he is really cool, we have been for drinks, I have been to his house.  It’s just some fun and we get on, he isn’t really looking for anything more, so we just had some fun.

Between Christmas and New Year I went on a date with another guy that I was chatting to on Grindr.  He was nice and he came back to mine and we fooled around a bit.  Today we were chatting more and he invited me over to his to hang out.  Cool, I had nothing better to do, so why not.  ‘send me your postcode’ cool I know that area.  Send me your address…shit I know that road.  Quick look back at texts from the other guy to check…its only the same address!!!!  They are flatmates!!  AWKWARD!!!!!

I was up front, I decided to just say that I have been with his flatmate.  I feel so bad, so slutty.  Imagine, sleeping with housemates and I didn’t even know!  Who knows what happens next.  I will probably be banished from their lives; excommunicated!  Bye!!

It’s a shame as I really liked both of them, particularly the one from before Christmas.  It’s definitely taught me a lesson.  Dates are cool but I think I need to be a little less easy. I blame Grindr, it’s the devil’s own app!

My fucking life!!!!!


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