Saturday Night – Peckham

I don’t really love gay bars and the scene. I have always found it too clichy and although gay bars and clubs have a place and I do like go sometimes generally I prefer more quirky London areas; Hackney, Hackney Wick, Crystal Palace and last night I was in Peckham with my friend.  She is my best friend’s sister actually, but since I moved to London her and I have become pretty close.

We met in a ‘posh’ (well for Peckham) bar and had a few drinks and a catch up.  It’s been a long time since we last met, so lots to say.  You know my news: married man and Frenchy!!

After we went to a cool little bar on a back street, it might have been called Nines?  Anyway while there my friend started chatting with a seriously hot guy, I had to get the last train home (south London can be a real pain after hours).  My friend stayed in the bar and apparently it all went well.

On the way home I obviously logged onto Grindr and started chatting to a guy who lives not too far from me, he was super horny but for once I was pretty good.  We arranged to meet today for breakfast, which is what I have just done.  We went to Balan’s which is very tasty!  He was not as hot as the pictures, but kind of cute.  In his messages last night he was very flirty, less so today.  I doubt anything will come from it, but its always great to meet new people.  Who knows?

I was on Tinder this morning (still thinking that thats where I will find something more serious…..possibly I am a little deluded). I matched with a guy that I went on a date with a year ago.  He is really fit but the date was weird.  We were getting on really well, at a bar in Islington.  I think far too many cocktails later he kind of paid up and left, pissed off with me.  I never really got it.  Anyway we have agreed that we will go on another date, we are calling it date #1 as we need to forget the last disaster.  He says he can’t even remember why he got pissed off. Hopefully this one will be more successful.  It will be this week, so I will keep you posted.

Tomorrow is date number four with the married man and I think this time he will be staying at mine!!  Cuddles, no sex.  He isn’t ready for that which actually is totally cute and makes me like him more.

Update:  French guy has blocked me from WhatsApp (like I care) usual marry arse shit, because I only sent a message that said ‘home’ on Friday night rather than anything more.  I guess some people will always be immature.  anyway onwards and upwards!!

Am I bad to keep dating the married man?



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