Date #4

Last night I had date number 4 with my married man.  Its all very innocent (well kind of, as much as it can be with an married man).  I was supposed to be going to the cinema with people from work to watch La La Land and I had arranged to meet him after in Stratford at about 8 however someone was ill so we didn’t end up going to the cinema.

I got myself to Stratford for around 7.30 and we met for a few drinks at a bar called The Bat and Ball in Westfield.  As always was great to see him, he talked about some geeky stuff which I find so cute and makes me feel all smiley and amused.  I tried wheat beer (I am usually a lager drinker and I was pleasantly surprised, I think I’ll drink this more).  The Bat and Ball is a straight bar; I have no real issues with some minimal PDA’s but when you’re with a married man I reckon its best to avoid, apart from a few leg strokes and hand holding under the table we could have been just two mates there for a catch up, talking football and Baywatch babes…interestingly we did discuss Baywatch and the film that is coming out (I cannot wait!!!)

After a few drinks we wet back to mine and really just got into bed.  We fooled around a bit, a lot of kissing, some touching, but really it was a chance to repeat our first drunken meeting and fall asleep in each other’s arms; sickly sweet.  That’s what I mean about innocence though.  It was lovely like last time, I feel very comfortable just lying with him.

My alarm went off at the usual 6am and we got up showered, shared a few more hugs and kisses and went about our days.  It was all very lovely and put a big smile on my face for the rest of the day (including right now as I type.)

What will become of this I have no idea.  He keeps telling me that I shouldn’t get attached and I genuinely am not, but I am really enjoying his company and I’ll just go with the flow on this one. Don’t worry I’ll keep you up to date!

Now the flatmates….I am too scared/embarrassed to message the one that I was seeing for longer; the one I kind of like.  What do I say?  “Yeah sorry about the whole shagging your mat thing…”  No it’s not going to work.  His mate did text to say that he (his friend) still wanted to see me but I just don’t know what to do.  I’ll wait a few days then text.  The situations I get myself into and this one has to be the most ridiculous!

Update on the Frenchy.  He clearly is not talking to me.  Good to be honest, he was too crazy for me!


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