The Soap Opera…

So I guess you want to know what happened with the flatmates.  I decided I had to speak to the one I like, so I text him just saying ‘I’m really sorry about the whole flatmate thing.  I hope you don’t think badly of me.’

He had a positive response and said that he didn’t, however when I asked if we could still hangout he said he didn’t know.  I think he is either pissed off or upset.  Chatting with someone from work about it and she thinks he’s probably a bit upset as maybe he likes me more that he is letting on.

We have left it saying that it’s cool and we will meet again.  I hope it is not to far away and we can sort this out.  It’s actually made me realise that. do quite like him, maybe more than I realised.

I guess that’s how life works sometimes.  Something bad has to happen to make you realise what you want.

That’s my only update for today, it is a Wednesday after all.



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