It’s been a while…..

Good evening…its been a while, in fact ages since I last updated you.  There are a few reasons for this, but one is that I tried to write a few times but the website was playing up.

So updates…married man is away at the moment, but that seems to have fizzled out.  we haven’t actually said that but its kind of obvious.  we rarely text each other now and we were due to meet last week but he cancelled as he said he was too busy before he goes away.  To be honest I think its the best thing, it was kind of playing with fire.

I got reacquainted with someone who I met almost exactly a year ago, a Jamaican guy.  We had a couple of dates and they were great.  The first time he got on his motorbike and can all the way to seem me on a Sunday night, so cute.  I went to his one night after work and he cooked me dinner.  We did end up in an argument as he has been with another guy not that long before (can’t remember how I know that) I felt annoyed, not because he was seeing someone else (you’ve read this, I am no angel) but just before I arrive; seriously!!??

We met again this weekend ad it was all good until Saturday night I got in  mood with him over something really silly (I was drunk) I feel a bit bad about that but I eventually left his house.  He started smoking Crystal Meth (Tina).  I have nothing against drugs, but I said I didn’t want to and he did it, what is that about.  I thought it was real junky stuff, so I left and wet home at midnight.  I said that I thought we are at different stages of our lives but he is just ignoring me now, kind of immature considering he is actually older than me.

I had another date last week…soooooooo cute.  It was just drinks and we have arranged to meet again when I get back from my holiday.  Oh yes I go to Dubai tomorrow for a few days!!!

There is loads of other stuff to fill you in on but I think that is the main stuff for now.  I will write again while I am away, hopefully to say I have met a mega rich arab and I am not coming back 😉

Good night for now.