I am a slut!  Meeting the French guy tonight and we will be doing the ‘bizness‘ (that’s what he calls it)!  We were texting today and I am going to his.  He is such a twat though, miserable and moody.  He makes out that he is some innocent guy, split up with partner and not about sex; first thing he does is get his cock out and we start doing it! 

I must say he is an amazing at it, but then everything after the bizness is just shit. I call him angry, like an 90 year old man.  Anyway I didn’t stay, I came home at about 11.  I think I am going to avoid him now, done with cunty type people!  Although like Matthew in Manchester there is something about me and dickheads, especially ones that are great in bed!  

Bed ready for ice-skating tomorrow (with the huge Indian guy – past conquest, he is really sexy.)